How to Acheive Multi-Touch Attribution For Your Company

What is marketing attribution? In a nutshell, marketing attribution is giving credit to the source that leads to a sale. The source can consist of ads, referrals, campaigns, or even salesmen. And the sale can be anything from an action on your website to a conversion that generates leads to an actual purchase. What does attribution mean in marketing? Marketing is more art than science. However, with proper attribution, professional marketers can come closer to making marketing more scientific by collecting and measuring where their sales and conversions are coming from.

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Do Paid Ads Really Work?

What Channels Convert? If you’ve dabbled in digital advertising and content marketing, you might find that your advertisers’ attribution reports don’t line up. That’s because they want credit for your conversions so you’ll spend more on their platforms. If you’ve ever looked at a Google Analytics report, you’ll find that either you have a lot of Direct traffic or if you have some content, you get a lot of conversions through Organic traffic.

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