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The Ultimate Guide to Measure ROI with Salesforce & Google Analytics

Brand Marketing VS Direct Marketing You can’t manage what you can’t measure. - Peter Drucker We live in an age when we can measure just about everything. The fact that many of us aren’t measuring our direct marketing efforts is detrimental to our businesses. Brand marketing continues to be difficult to measure since brand marketing is more about communicating values to an audience. The ROI on that kind of advertising is measured far down the line whereas direct marketing is about getting conversions and selling right off the bat.

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Tracking Offline Sales in Google Analytics

Configure your lead generation forms to store Google’s cookies If you’re collecting leads online and converting them over the phone through your CRM, you need to collect a cookie that Google Analytics sets on your website to identify that user. Once you store that unique id in your CRM, you can send a webhook to Google Analytics with that id via their Measurement Protocol whenever a deal has been completed.

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